Was She Right?

wash she right ? After his best-selling novel ‘Left Me Broken- A Tryst With Destiny comes a new thriller ‘Was She Right?’ that is bound to leave you shocked and bend the very fabric that makes up your belief system. Embark on an extremely heart-wrenching journey with Samaira, a vibrant and charismatic young girl who finds herself struggling between realizing her passion and making leaps in the corporate world. Witness the times that changed her life forever as she continues to move on a road she knew nothing about.

While faith conspires to give you all that you desire, destiny might decide to play the trump card and set it all on fire. Samaira had envisioned nothing and expected nothing more than unruffled plain life. But was she meant for one?

Was she able to overcome the odds and go through the worst atrocities of life and distress? Was it a mistake to put trust in the people around her? Find out more about her questionable decision that changed the course of society and decide – Was She Right?

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