Left Me Broken- A Tryst With Destiny

left me broken

Left Me Broken– A Tryst With Destiny Is an enthralling journey of the protagonist- Kabir through the ten prime years of his life. Kabir, a boy who matured in a city called Chandigarh shares the tale of his adventures that brought him to the brink of losing himself.

From a modest beginning, Kabir moves ahead in his life trying to conquer whatever stands in his way. The pursuit of riches and fame can transform a man into a beast. The place seemed right to be in but, things are not always what they seem to be. Can meddling in someone’s personal affairs cost a soul?

Life has its way of putting you down when you least expect it. Witness the times that humbled our young protagonist, as he learns from the most brutal teacher of them all- Experience.

A journey exhilarating enough to shake your wits and make you wonder if ‘One Lifetime Is Truly Enough’

Having loved and lost really the end? Does life deserve a second chance? Kabir is forced to gather his inner conflicts and confront his nightmares that completely decimated his life.

Does Kabir have the courage to leave behind his self-destructive origins?   A battle is waiting to determine who will win the final war against the spell. Will love be able to overpower loyalty and integrity? Or will Kabir perish like many before him? A profound novel of love, betrayal, jealousy, and retribution. It is time to decide if he will be left broken to the end.

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